Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Grade Curriculum and Year Two

Well, I never thought I'd make it thru last year. Nor did I think there was going to be a year two. However, we started first grade this week!!!!

This homeschooling journey has been an eye opening escapade. Two months ago, I swore off homeschooling like it was the plague. I was done, had no regrets, nor a desire to look back. Why look back when I had a mind full of joyous visions of what my child free hours would look like next school year? Fast forward past a lot of prayer, giving up my own desires to the will of God, and last weekend, I found myself at my first big homeschool convention. 

It was the FPEA (Florida Parents Educators Association) convention. It's held at the Gaylord in Orlando; and it was nothing short of an amazing trip. I went there not expecting to come out of the experience as I did. I was enlightened about my role as a home educating mother, and as a parent. I never realized I was a strong-willed parent, that I'd robbed my poor darlings of their innate love for learning; or that homeschooling could be such a natural, beautiful and rewarding choice. As I walked the vendor hall looking to choose our new curriculum, I made sure to pray my way thru the aisles. I didn't know what I was looking for. I just knew I didn't want to "worksheet" the kids to death again. I didn't want to experience so many days feeling frustrated, wondering why I'd decided to homeschool in the first place. I knew I needed educating tools that not only fill my kid's minds, but their hearts as well. As I let God lead me, I came across some pretty interesting information and curriculum options. Having survived our first year, weary but blessed, I'm eager to see where this new year will take us. I'm embracing the journey and lifestyle with an open mind, a fully stocked teacher cabinet of goodies, and a positive vision for our new year of learning.


First Grade Subjects and Tools

Phonics, Spelling- Learning Resources Popcorn Game, Ring Around the Phonics, Abeka 1st Grade Readers, Learning Resources Smart Safari Alphabet Fun Frog, Hot Dots Cards, Boggle Junior
Reading, Bible, History, Character- Beautiful Feet Books Teaching Character Through Literature Series for Primary and Intermediate Grades, Fun Devotions for Boys Gotta Have God, and Abeka 1st grade Readers
Geography- Little Passports see
Writing, Poetry, Grammar- Language Lessons for the Very Young, Wikki Stix
Science- A Reason for Science Level A
Math- Mathematical Reasoning Level B, Monkey Math by Popular Playthings, Learning Wrap Ups, and Hot Dots Cards.
Music- Private piano lessons
Physical Ed.- Christian Homeschool Athletic Association, Flag Football, and Swimming Lessons


Kimberly said...

Oh super cool! I feel your energy and excitment through the computer!

Jennifer said...

So great Leanna! It all looks so fun. I give you credit for homeschooling. I would never in a million years be doing it. :-)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X