Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Day

After posting about our horrible school day last, I thought it only fitting I should follow up with a more cheerful report. Today was a great day for us. 

Noah's doing great reading and writing; however, his lower case Ds and Bs continue to throw him for a loop. So when today's handwriting lesson called for practicing his lower case Ds, we decided to really drive it home once and for all 


He was so excited after he made this one below he told me to take a picture of it {so cute}


 Then we changed it up a bit for excitement.
He loves playing with masking tape. He runs around taping every and anything to every and anything...... so I let him make some masking tape Ds on the door.



Meanwhile, Leah worked on perfecting her smiley faces


She was proud of her self :)


FYI, our handwriting curriculum {here below} is working nicely for us. I've actually decided to return our Sonlight Science curriculum and order A Reason for Science instead. 
It cost a bit more; however the kit has more supplies for the experiments, and it seems more age appropriate. I personally like the content and look of the student worksheets more than Sonlights as well.



Jennifer said...

so fun! i'm glad you had a better day. noah and leah look adorable! can't wait to see you guys. :-)

Anesha said...

Good luck with your home-schooling.

oneinspiredhand said...

Thanks you guys!!! I've finally grasped the fact that not everyday is a walk in the park. LOL! When you first start you have these idealistic visions and goals and then reality sets in. LOL! The good come with the bad :):)

Joshua's Mom said...

Fun! Noah's "d's" are looking pretty good. I like the masking tape idea - you are so crafty - a great quality for a teacher!!