Thursday, June 2, 2011

Succesful Chore Charting-CHECK!

I discovered a wonderful chore charting system over at a great blog Homeschool Creations. Jolanthe has a ton of fantastic ideas and fun printables you can use, even if you're not a homeschooler of course.

Here's a pic of what I did with her preschool printable chore chart and tags:




Every time they complete a chore, they move their chore tag from the yellow page to their chart. Then, every night before bed, they get to put their earnings for that day into their piggy banks (small ones, bought specifically for this new routine).
The kids love it! They actually do their chores without asking at times, and we're using their earnings to teach them about biblical stewardship (they tithe 10%, save 10%, and can spend the remaining as they choose).




Ashley said...

love it:) what a cute idea!!

oneinspiredhand said...

Thanks Ashley!!

Michelle said...

Love this one! We have ours on a white board but the pictures are always getting erased. :) What a great alternative! Thanks for the idea, Missy!