Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our 2011 Kindergarden Curriculum in Detail with Links

{my little scientists amused by our underwater volcano (ran out of red food color) teaching us about convection energy}

History, Bible/Devotions, Storytime, Art, Writing, and Fine Motor Skills


Phonics, and Reading

  Math U See Primer
mixed up a bit with some Abeka Numbers Skills K

For PreK-3 we are just going to play educational games, learn to recognize our letters and numbers, learn a lot about God's word, do devotions, and puzzles, etc., etc.
 Plus both babes have a weekly co-op class they'll participate in.... and soccer and ballet.

{Day 57}
365 Days


Jennifer said...

how fun & leah will be so smart learning what her big brother is learning.

oneinspiredhand said...

Thanks Jennie! I know, she's def. getting a head start :)

Joshua's Mom said...

She's SO cute!!

Michelle said...

Cool, love the lil volcano!

Michelle said...

Cool, love the lil volcano! I got this book of a bunch of science experiments for the kids this weekend! Hope that one is in it! :)