Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Did It!

I pretended I was a homeschooling mom, to see if I could do it, and I succeeded! Happy me!

I also discovered this great program in my never ending quest for "Should I Homeschool Next Year" info:


Kim Donnan said...


The Angelopoulos Family said...

Hi Leanna! This is Nicole, Kim's friend. I was telling her how much I LOVE your photography and how much it inspires me to want to learn more about it. Now, your homeschooling posts have inspired me as well! I have been having such a hard time with Ryan and preschool, it's been making our family miserable and I haven't been able to decide what to do. You have given me a great idea, I am going to the library tomorrow and get books on homeschooling preschool! It would give me something constructive and meaningful to do while creating peace and education in our family. Thank you for all of your ideas and creativity, you really do inspire me!
P.S. If you don't mind me asking, what made you want to homeschool?

oneinspiredhand said...

Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for your sweet words:)
As for why I decided to Homeschool, there were many reasons. But the main reason is I want our kids to have an education founded in biblical truth such as God created the world, humans didn't come from tadpoles, etc., etc. Plus, I want to be sure what they're being taught isn't dictated by political agendas, popular culture, and mass media trends, you know what I mean?

Michelle said...

That's awesome Leanna, great job! :)