Tuesday, October 19, 2010

365 Days Starting Today


I'm gonna join Maegan the author of the blog Madeline Bea in taking one photo {at least} a day for an entire year {starting today}. I hope I'm not overcommitting myself. This should be fun, and inspiring.

365 Days


krissilugbill said...

i joined up on this too about 2 months ago, it has been an amazing experience so far! best wishes to you on your project!

oneinspiredhand said...

Thank u krissilugbill!! Good luck to you to!!

Jennifer said...

I almost wanted to join it Leanna, but then stopped myself... I'm a slacker when it comes to blogging regularly... Speaking of which.. haven't seen any comments lately from YOU! :-)

oneinspiredhand said...

Jennie, you should do it!