Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank Heaven

Every day I'm truly blown away at how amazing God is, and how amazing life is when you live it and see it thru his word, walking with him.

To experience his hand, and presence lived out thru others, witnessed in your life, and then spoken about in the bible, just makes my mind want to explode every time it happens.

He's everything the Word says he is, and he does EVERYTHING his word says he'll do.

He's more brilliant than the brightest light ever seen, wiser than the smartest human ever known, and more kind, generous, and loving than anyone who has ever walked the earth.

A life without God, a life lived without God's presence, is a life void of essential characteristics which truly make up a life worth existing thru.

If I were to loose my ability to be with God and feel his presence, life would circle around empty ambition, void of ultimate meaning and depth of beauty. Praise God he offers a more adventurous existence to be had. Can I get an AMEN!? Woohoo!

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Rachel said...

AMEN!! God is so good. It's so easy to think that everything is about us, but like you reminded me of -- it's God. Without Him -- we're nothing.

Blessings to you!

Kate said...

What a wonderful post! God is truly amazing!


Barbie said...

Amen sister! God is everything to me!

Jennifer said...

Amen! That was beautifully said Leanna. Love you!

Summer said...

Amen! God is good :0)


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Amen! Great post. :) Thanks for your visit and follow from yesterday! Good to know I'm not the only "sweater" out there! lol

Tracy said...

Amen. These words are true, my sister. When you talk about empty ambition. I just cannot imagine my life without him.

Thank you for this wisdom. Blessings.

oneinspiredhand said...

Thank you for all your comments you guys! God is good!