Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Promise of a Popsicle

This picture was made possible by All Natural SO Delicious Dairy Free Quiescently Frozen Confection and my local Whole Foods Market. Bribing works in my home, so I use it. How else would I ever get my "Don't take a picture to me" saying son and his sister, who insists on copying her brother's behavior, to smile for any pic?

{Quick Fun Facts}

*She loves "Nonee" aka Nemo.
*He's about to start pre-k in Sept.
*She loves duckies and babies.
*His favorite movie is the Land Before time.
*She eats non-stop all day long.
*He's almost 100% potty trained.
*She would go somewhere, anywhere everyday.
*He'd stay home everyday, all day.
*She loves "pie" aka Cake.
*His favorite food is pizza.
*She says, "Otaaay" instead of ok.
*He loves reading bible stories at bedtime.

{Today we went on our first full family bike ride}