Thursday, May 20, 2010

Imagine with Me

What's your idea of the perfect vacation? Who would you go with? Where would you go?

These pictures remind me of memories I hold close to my heart. I was newly married, very little to no responsibility {a.k.a. no children} and my two, dearly loved, childhood friends, my hubby and I went to New York. We slept in, saw sights we'd never seen before, and we ate our way thru the city. We had no where to be, but with each other.......,and nothing to slow us down but our own lack of imagination if it were possible. I cherish these memories so intensely, I can close my eyes and relive them as if it were yesterday. I can feel the security of being surrounded by close friends and my husband....I can feel the thrill of unhindered adventure, and promises of daily exploration on the horizon. Nonstop escapades and fellowship of the greatest kind encapsulated the trip. Now imagine........if we have the ability to feel such invulnerable liberty, joy, and love here on earth, how do you think it will be when we are with God, in heaven, for eternity?


Kim Donnan said...

Wow - what an amazing time this was, so carefree and fun!!!! I don't even have words to describe it and what this time will continue to mean to us!!

oneinspiredhand said...

Oh I know! Seriously I'll never forget this trip as long as I live :)